Expovisie makes the connection between all professionals involved in trade fairs and public fairs, for an optimal return from every exhibition participation.

The information source

Expovisie is the information source for everyone who regularly has to deal with trade fairs: from exhibitors to trade fair managers, from marketers to stand builders. They find their expertise

  • in the magazine Expovisie
  • in the advisory guide First Aid For Exhibitors
  • in the inspirational magazine Amaze
  • on the website www.expovisie.nl
  • in the biweekly Expovisie e-newsletter

Exhibitors and tradeshow managers

For more than 60 years, Expovisie has been showing exhibitors and exhibition managers in the Netherlands and Flanders how they can get the highest return from trade shows and other expo events. Fair organizers, stand builders and suppliers are kept informed about the latest developments and trends.

  • Trade fair managers at companies (executive)
  • Marketing managers at companies (strategic)
  • Exhibition organizers and trade show managers
  • Stand construction companies and suppliers
  • Trade associations