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Most distributors spend a lot of time, space and money to design their showroom and regularly adapt it to the season and / or new products. This investment is being used moderately because relatively few customers take the trouble to travel to the showroom. By opening up the presentation rooms of promotional companies online, the reach to potential customers is greatly increased.

PromZ offers a collective platform where companies from their showroom can enter into online conversations with interested clients. PromZ ensures through continuous marketing of the platform, theme weeks and special events that PromZ Showroom becomes the first choice for clients in their product orientation.

As a participant, you present your company with (360 degree) photos and promo pitches on your own page in PromZ Showroom. If a client is interested, they can make an appointment on this page for an online video call, where you or one of your employees will start the online conversation from the showroom.

For € 1,145 (billed in two parts) you as a distributor establish online contact with end customers for a year.

Call +31 (0)75 6475747 or order online


We can help you with a professional appearance

You can supply the necessary images and videos yourself and provide image and sound equipment in your showroom. But we can also help you achieve a professional image, both in terms of your company page on PromZ Showroom, and the quality of the livestream from the Showroom.


Option: a professional video recording of your showroom

Option: two professional video recordings – one of your showroom and a promo pitch

Option: 360 degree photo of your showroom

Option: stream box for a professional online meeting